Muheed Razzaq
2 min readAug 19, 2021

The 3 a.m Thoughts

Thoughts Train

The thundering storms of thoughts hitting you one after another may be a sign indicating the problems within life. But life itself is not the problem. We assume life to be harder and tougher more than it actually is. There’s detail on it but Confucius said:

“ Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”


However its not that easy to believe it! But the personality is enough with its fame. And so we try to see it from different aspects. You have got one life you have got sometime and you don’t know untill when and as a conclusion its just NOW what you have Soooo make a move. Get up. Do what you love to do. Go where you always wanted to. May be it will doubt you to loose all of your little wealth but what are you gonna do with it as you don’t know what amount of that SOMETIME is left.

Calmness of Mind

Well you can sleep now because tomorrow is gonna be better than today. Everyday is going to be the way you want it but yes you always have to face the hurdles coming your way. You might fall apart you might break but there’s no limit.

And the series of limitless thoughts will just come to an end as you understand all you need to…rest, everything is not what you need so keep pushing.

It may seem hard but its just a black screen with splashes of colors so remove them one by one and thats all. There you go. Its black again. Completely BLANK!

Whats Peace actually

We have misunderstandings regarding what peace is. We assume it to be in a house with our family living happily and enjoying everything around wether a siah or an argument. But PEACE COMES FROM WITHIN. The linear trajectory of your mind is peace. Everything is going in but no rush or hustle bustle. You are aware of whats all inside. You are separate from your mind,soul and body. Universe lies within you. You are Peaceful.

You are immortal.

This body is made up of water and it goes back into water no way to save it and no way to finish you.



Muheed Razzaq

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