Haha, Lame I Love You’s, Laughter Time!

Muheed Razzaq
4 min readSep 2, 2021

Really, You will be lucky if you get a chance to read this post And laugh. Lame I Love You_s, Everyone has heard those. Most likely you have been trying to avoid some people but eventually, they get a chance to annoy and vex you. Being in a situation where you cannot hide, you imagine fixing this up by using a Canon I mean ran on. Sorry, I usually mess up with words. Or maybe they do. Not my fault. Whatever, I thought of a fake I love You and I realized that it's a better way to convince someone too. But maybe we take it too lightly sometimes that we often don't realize that it has the potential to destroy, I mean disseminate a whole era forever on the pages of history.

Actually, you have to try this too. In a fight with your spouse! keep battling, sorry sorry! I Mean to say I Love you dear! Half matter resolved if You have Good Luck (😉 conditions apply). I don’t know whether the emojis gonna appear or not.

So where were we, huh, fighting with the spouse! Try quarreling with your younger brother. No, don’t try its gonna come up naturally doesn’t it? well, say MY DEAR YOUNGER BROTHER, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WHY DO YOU KEEP ARGUING WITH ME? (😉Matter 2 is also resolved if you have a bit of good luck, conditions apply here too).

Annnnnd yes last but not the least, the one and only your ‘sad’, oh! sorry sorry plzz, your ‘Dad’. In an issue with him just hug him and say I love you dad! There you go, the car is now yours ( No conditions apply).Maybe I lied it was not the last sorry again.

Sometimes, I feel like being dump no no i think it was dumb, is such a great thing that everyone doesn’t carry the potential to be like this. In life, we carry so much stress that we forget to lock the zip, sorry, I mean laugh. I think I have some kind of dilemma. But who cares I love it this way. Back to the topic so My dear audience, I know you may be thinking that who the hell is this guy! But in order to know it Follow me home, sorry I mean Follow me on medium. I AM SICK I THINK. If u r still reading it then I have a thing for you. Please Don’t Share This witH your Spouse else I won’t be responsible for the consequences. I LOVE UUUUUU SOOO MUCH MY DEAR READER THAT I WANNA KISS YOUR HANDS FOR THE HARD WORK OF SCROLLING through this 3 Min Read article maybe 5.

Depends on your English Teacher. Now, tell me about your crush I would love to hear from you. Else you would be responsible for not getting your crush. Hmm, that's not all folks!

I am also cute as this kid so don’t worry ha. I can be your crush too. Follow me on Instagram for some chit-chat.


We can never please people, neither can I. So, be happy you have got life once only. Final round to death! We all know that laughter is the best medicine but not all of us get this medicine right away in right amount.

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☝️ is a piece of art to be admired. I know everyone remembers something from their childhood but now it's time to share it. Spreading love and happiness is the best feeling you can ever have. We must keep the child in our hands I mean our hearts alive. Having fun should also be taught at schools so we may be able to enjoy within the limits. Being so serious all the time is similar to eating the burnt egg you have cooked.

Be silly sometimes, be a wild sorry I mean child, and live life. TAKE A DEEP BREATH and See everything as It doesn’t matter.

Apart from the tensions in your life, focus on the love you can give. And you will discover how Delicious aaaaah, hell, I meant Precious you are.


CAUTION: “DOnt Dare to share with your spouse. Else I won't be responsible for the consequences.”

Hopefully, You Destroyed I mean Enjoyed Your time. Best of lick.



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